Participation on Info-Session for WSFB-consultant training on Dec 14th, 2018

WSFB-Diamond.jpgDuring this afternoon, a representative of “WSFB Beratergruppe Wiesbaden” provided a brief overview of the concultant concept of the company. Main focus was on the general understanding of the underlying “Diamond”-principle which was developed as a 3rd step after

a) the times where there was a sharp distinction between PROCESS-consulting and SUBJECT-SPECIFIC-consulting and
b) the times where this was considered jointly.

The “Diamond”-principle is a systemic and integrating consulting concept which is closely connected to the specific business impact. It fosters organizational development embedded in business needs.

The info-session was meant to be an introduction to the WSFB consultant trainings which take place twice a year. These consist of 9 learning modules - each 3 days in duration:

1. Initial Workshop
2. Analysis
3. Consulting Supervision I
4. Diagnosis
5. Consulting Supervision II
6. Architecture I
7. Architecture II
8. Consulting Supervision III
9. Final Workshop

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