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We offer high-quality management solutions to support and consult our customers efficiently and goal-oriented.

Our basis and our core values are fast and personalized project and process analysis in combination with a reference to the organizational set-up. On account of our broad engineering knowlegde and the long and intense development and leadership experience in big global Automotive OEMs and several global Engineering Service Providers we are a competent partner for consulting, coaching, and training. We support you in developing and/or optimizing your processes, your projects and your organization.  Significant benefits can be provided for start-ups as well as for suppliers.

We tailor individually the methods „Recording the Starting Position“, „Fields of Action“, and „Implementation“ together with your teams. We consider technological and cultural aspects as well as leadership competencies that represent a contemporary and efficient leadership style. 

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Keynote Presentation at Automotive Innovation Summit Conference, Audi Forum, Neckarsulm

AutSum2018_JLE_IMG_2620.jpgAutomotive_Summit_112018.jpgThe central topics of this Automotive Expert Conference were

a) Autonomous Driving
b) Electrification
c) Big Data
d) Cyber Security

Cultural and Ethical aspects of electrified and autonomous driving were shown as future main considerations in governmental activities as well as for the development of software algorithms. 

The sensoric concepts of autonomous vehicles are currently very much different between the existing prototype applications all over the world and it seems appropriate to consider a maximal diversified approach in order to mimick human sensoric.

Each industrial equipment nowadays provides a huge amount of data during installation and operation. Therefore strategies and tools to use these big data amounts are required and methods for analytics were presented. Nevertheless the more data are generated and apt to communication and distribution the more vulnerabilities arise in the IT and in the general manufacturing arena. 

Risk and threat analysis were discussed in workshops and panel discussion were held to consider Cyber Security aspects. Not only IT-based Security risks in Cloud Applications and Digital Manufacturing Systems are of concern, but in the scope of an obviously required – but not yet established – Security Culture in OEMs and Suppliers a Security Lifecycle needs to consider also Physical Security, Product Security and Process Security. Dr. Joachim Leder presented an overview of Cyber Security in Manufacturing with all relevant topics and the necessary activities among affected parties.

Cyber Security in Manufacturing

1. Goals of Security

 - CIA Triad

2. The Evolving Vulnerable Flanks

 - Possible attack goals

 - From single parts to complete vehicle

3. Security Needs of Manufacturing

 - Security Lifecycle

4. Establishing Security in Manufacturing

- Major tasks

5. Outlook for the Future

 - Next security focus

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Participation at AGILE Automotive Conference in Stuttgart

Agile_Automotive_112018.jpgIn the course of the conference with about 140 participants there were 5 workshops executed dealing mainly with Agile basic concepts and 14 presentations were shown. 
As well OEMs as suppliers/consultants were able to show details of latest applications of Agile Concepts to development processes. Suppliers/consultants focused on availabe tools and capabilities.

Main considerations focused on 
a) challenges in the starting phase, 
b) management of risks and roadblocks during execution and finally 
c) achievements and lessons learned

Among challenges the foremost mentioned were “top management as main initiator”, “drive team with direct top management access” and “early consideration of all relevant areas of the company”

Risks and roadblocks arouse from the necessity to adopt the generic agile principles to reality. Different approaches depending on the size of the affected development teams and the availale resources were openly discussed.

Some tremendous achievements could be shown which ranged from the application of moderately modified principles in smaller or midsize organizations up to the full-scale application of principles to a complete vehicle development area.

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