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We offer high-quality management solutions to support and consult our customers efficiently and goal-oriented.

Our basis and our core values are fast and personalized project and process analysis in combination with a reference to the organizational set-up. On account of our broad engineering knowlegde and the long and intense development and leadership experience in big global Automotive OEMs and several global Engineering Service Providers we are a competent partner for consulting, coaching, and training. We support you in developing and/or optimizing your processes, your projects and your organization.  Significant benefits can be provided for start-ups as well as for suppliers.

We tailor individually the methods „Recording the Starting Position“, „Fields of Action“, and „Implementation“ together with your teams. We consider technological and cultural aspects as well as leadership competencies that represent a contemporary and efficient leadership style. 

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Participation on Info-Session for WSFB-consultant training on Dec 14th, 2018

WSFB-Diamond.jpgDuring this afternoon, a representative of “WSFB Beratergruppe Wiesbaden” provided a brief overview of the concultant concept of the company. Main focus was on the general understanding of the underlying “Diamond”-principle which was developed as a 3rd step after

a) the times where there was a sharp distinction between PROCESS-consulting and SUBJECT-SPECIFIC-consulting and
b) the times where this was considered jointly.

The “Diamond”-principle is a systemic and integrating consulting concept which is closely connected to the specific business impact. It fosters organizational development embedded in business needs.

The info-session was meant to be an introduction to the WSFB consultant trainings which take place twice a year. These consist of 9 learning modules - each 3 days in duration:

1. Initial Workshop
2. Analysis
3. Consulting Supervision I
4. Diagnosis
5. Consulting Supervision II
6. Architecture I
7. Architecture II
8. Consulting Supervision III
9. Final Workshop

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