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Automotive Experience as basis for Consulting 

Automotive Development

  • Complete Product Development Process
  • Managing a global distribution of development tasks (Linkage between several regions)
  • Experience and competencies in intercultural social challenges
  • Complete Vehicle and Component development
  • Management of supporting Design houses
  • Hardware and software validation 


  • Planning, specification, ordering, and installation of production equipment
  • Planning of production processes
  • Linking between Product Development and Production Planning
  • Hardware and Software Development, implementation and 24/7 usage for EOL
  • Supplier management
  • Internal logistics planning
  • Cyber Security concepts 

ASPICE assessment

Meanwhile all major car manufacturers (OEMs) as well as start-ups require a thorough, fast and reliable development process to be executed by their suppliers. ASPICE assessment is currently a perfect means to demonstrate the achieved certification level. Thereby either the overall organization or individual parts of the organization/the project reveal the capabilities regarding the development process. Although this "ASPICE" concept is mainly used for Software-developing departments, it's generic concept can also be applied to other areas like Cyber Security, Functional Safety, Mechanical Development.

Based on consulting experience in several supplier companies, we offer our knowledge for 

  • process planning/management of ASPICE and Mechanical SPICE
  • process planning for FuSi and/or CyberSec applications or projects
  • organizational needs
  • external participation in ASPICE assessments

Projectmanagement (Automotive)

A well-functioning and efficient project management is one of the major challenges in mid-size and large enterprises. Our team already achieved dozens of successful project completions in different areas of expertise. We therefore have a broad basis of project management tools available and can as well recommend as use them fast and competent. The capabilities and capacities of your company are always considered and we will jointly with your teams develop executable proposals for optimization. We can support you goal-oriented and efficiencly by use of our individual specialists at right point in time. 

  • Project development
  • Project leadership "from cradle to grave" 
  • Change management
  • Leading X-functional teams (Finance, Marketing, Styling, Advanced Developement, Design, Purchasing, Validation, Process planning, Industrialisation, Quality, Production plants, Sales, Aftersales, PR)
  • Management of suppliers (purchase parts and equipment) and engineering service partners 
  • Planning, support and participation on Press events and Dealer events
  • Budget Management
  • Total cost approach
  • Qualityprocess 

Projectmanagement (Software Development)

In a huge number of technological fields Software and the required development process is nowadays key for a well-functioning product. Although there are many supporting tools for development and project management commercially available, their smart and efficient usage requires experience and common-sense approach in almost all phases from project start until final delivery to the customer.

We offer our experience in 

  • project initialisation
  • project planning
  • project execution including system and software requirements
  • reporting and review execution
  • test linkage
  • productionizing


"Automotive Circle" Board Member, Consultant and Conference Moderation

Since 2015 our participation in the Board of Advisors for "Automotive Circle Assembly" contributed to a tremendous increase of public and industry interest in these conferences. The choice of topics and locations as well as the great networking possiblities have led to an almost doubling of participants.

Consultation activities significantly support the success of "Automotive Circle Assembly" by initiation and negotiation of upcoming "Insight"-locations. Additionally intense and close networking contacts are the basis for presentations by many divers fields of technology.


  • Live and experience constructive leadership
  • Integration and involvement in a global leadership team
  • Development and implementation of re-organisations 

Design for Six Sigma

  • Black belt
  • OpEx (Operational Excellence)


Provisional Assessor Automotive SPICE®

We support your mandatory ASPICE®-assessment by providing participation of experienced external Provisional Assessors. This increases the acceptance level of the results at your customer significantly. 

Certified Scrum Master

To execute a complete development process - no matter what area of expertise – it is up-to-date to consider the inclusion of agile methods. The central role of the SCRUM Master (Scrum.org) who steers the execution and implementation of a project, can be provided by our team.